Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FREE Math Games for Addition

I've been using these math games in my classroom for several years and the kids really enjoy playing them.  I made 2-sided copies of a Doubles game and Baseball/Basketball game so when the kids finished playing one game, they could flip it over and play another one.  These are quick and easy games the kids like to play.  Not only does it keep them engaged and provide a fun way to practice addition facts and doubles, it will also allow you to work with a small group uninterrupted!  (Well, if there is such a thing!)  Click on the Game Name beside the picture to download them for FREE!  Hope you and your kids enjoy them like mine do!


  1. I LOVE the idea of printing the games back-to-back! Ingenius! Don't know why I haven't thought of it before. Thanks for the tip and some wonderful games!

    Down Under Teacher

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I know the boys will love the sports games! I usually use those clear sheet protectors and then you can switch out the games however you want and you don't have to laminate them!
    Thanks again!

  3. These games are so cute! Thank you so much! Can't wait to use them!


  4. Thanks for sharing! I linked these 1st Grade CCSS linksto under Operations and Algebraic Thinking.
    First Grade Frame of Mind

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