Monday, February 13, 2012

FREEBIES now up on TpT

I am so sorry!  I was having computer problems at home and thought the FUN FACT FAMILIES activity and the PENGUIN ABC ORDER Activity were uploaded to TpT.

Thanks to those of you who let me know they were missing!  They are both up now.  Hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Fact Families are always a great way for my first graders to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.  I fell in love with these little graphic animals (Chicken Fat and Alley Cat).  There are 12 cards for 12 Fact Families.  You could use all 12 cards and copy the recording sheet 2-sided.  I decided to use cards 1-6 one week and cards 7-12 the next week.  The activity was familiar to the kids the second week which allowed me time to work with another small group during math.  Hope you find them useful in your classroom.

Click here on FUN FACT FAMILIES to download this FREE activity from TpT.  

FREEBIES! Winter ABC Order Activities

WOW!  I didn't realize I had been away for so long!  So -- I'm back with a FREEBIE!

You can download my Penguin ABC Order Activity and my Polar Bear ABC Order Activity at TpT.   Click on the titles to go to TpT.

These were great in my Reading Tubs.  There are four sets of cards for the kids to put in ABC Order on the recording sheet.  Each set has 5 words.  Two of the words on each card begin with the same letter, so they have to look at the second letter to determine which word is first.  It's a good skill to practice.  

Hope your kiddos like them as much as mine did!